About us

About us

Garfield Ridge Baptist Church today

Garfield Ridge Baptist Chruch started as the result of Edward Duracka’s vision to see a Fundamental, Bible Believing work started in the Garfield Ridge Community.

On April 5th 1959, with $20 for the first weeks rent and a few song books, a small group of believers held the first Sunday service of the Bible Baptist Church. They met at the Yougslav Hall, down the block from where the church building now stands. From that time the church continued to grow and shortly thereafter the name was changed to Garfield Ridge Baptist Church.  Church meetings were held in the hall for almost four years.

Ground broke for the church building on July 29, 1962, with its first meeting held on December 31st of that year.  Edward Duracka continued as Pastor for 30 years until he retired in 1989.

Throughout these many years the Lord has truly blessed and continued to bless this ministry. We have seen many go out to plant churches, here at home and abroad.  Satan has attacked repeatedly, but Christ gives the victory.  To God be the glory!!!

In 2008 through a unique set of circumstances and much prayer, the Lord led Curt Teesdale, Pastor of Independent Baptist Church, and his congregation to merge and become one with Garfield Ridge.  With a strong emphasis on proclaiming the gospel spiritual integrity, and the importance of the family, and our uncompromising stand against sin , Garfield Ridge Baptist Church continues to do the work of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ.