Welcome to

At Garfield Ridge Baptist Church you will find a friendly and enthusiastic congregation that shares a commitment to care one another.

It is one of our priorites the we build lasting relationships as we serve our Lord together. This circle of fiends is ever-widening and would like to include you

GRBC places a strong emphasis on reaching the lost for Jesus Christ. It is also our goals that those who come to Jesus will find in our church all they need to help them grow in the Lord. We accept our responsibility to reach out in service to others, that we all might reach our full potential in our Christian life.

Our convictions and standards at GRBC are very simple. We preach and a practice a lifestyle that that please Christ. We believe the King James Version Bible is the best version for the English speaking people today, and it is our final authority in faith and life. Our old-fashioned stand that God continues to bless, brings spiritual freedom and joy. We work hard at living consistent compassionate life.

GRBC is a ministry that cares about people. We would pleased to have you come join us as we worship and serve the Lord. Hope to see you soon!